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You make your way to the venue. You check in on your mobile device, or hand a paper ticket to the usher. The usher scans it or tears it, depending on the place. You find your seat and get ready for the house lights to go down. As you settle into your seat, a cooling breeze caresses you. Maybe you hear the sounds of a helicopter or a car horn but they are not coming from a speaker. It’s dark out. If you turn to look left or right you are greeted by an awesome glimmering view of the Manhattan skyline at night. You’re about to watch a movie and it’s on a rooftop.

venue  会場、開催地     usher    (劇場などの)案内係

caress [kərés]  優しくなでる、触れる

glimmering  かすかに光る












Netflixは、アメリカ合衆国のオンラインDVDレンタル及び映像ストリーミング配信事業会社。 本社はカリフォルニア州ロスガトスに置かれている。10万種類、延べ4200万枚のDVDを保有し、レンタル向けに1,600万人の顧客を得ている (出典ウィキペディア)

Welcome to the “New York Breeze,” a podcast where you can hear about life in New York City and pick up on some of the latest trends. My cohost is Shoko, and she will be your guide in Japanese.

Today’s episode is the second part of our “Rooftops of New York” series.  Join us as we celebrate the art of watching the big screen outdoors. So pause your Netflix binge session and get ready to head out to discover New York City’s most interesting venues for catching the classic and modern movies.

binge session ≒ binge watching ( bingeは思いっきり浸ること。binge watchingは見るのを止められなくなり、続けてみること)


PART 2. Rooftop Films

“Rooftop Films” is the name of a nonprofit organization. It started out as a gathering, and they pioneered this format. By now, Rooftop Films has been screening movies every summer for about two decades. The initial rooftop has multiplied. Now you can catch an eclectic mix of indies, docs and shorts at both rooftops and parks around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

eclectic mix of ~  さまざまなジャンルの要素が融合した



They hold screenings on the rooftop of The Old American Can Factory in Gowanus. But for a full list of Rooftop Films’s venues and schedule, check out their website www.rooftopfilms.com. Their motto is: “We bring underground movies outdoors.”

the old american can factory

ゴワナス地区にあるThe Old American Can Factoryの屋上でも映画を上映しています。でも、ルーフトップフィルムの上映会場とスケジュールの完全なリストを見るためにはウエブサイトwww.rooftopfilms.com.へ。彼らのモットーは「私たちはアンダーグラウンド映画に光を当てる」です。

underground  地下に存在する、既成の組織によらず作られた、前衛の

underground movies 私的に制作された非商業映画をいう。(出典 ブリタニカ国際大百科事典 小項目事典)

*今回画像はすべて ウェブサイト「ニューヨークを駆け巡る神出鬼没の野外上映プロジェクト  ルーフトップ・フィルムズ」よりお借りしました。(www.webdice.jp)——ルーフトップ・フィルムズ創始者ダンさんのインタビューも載っています。

PART 3. Hotels seek fun and community.  ホテルは楽しみと共同体を探している

Hotels across America have picked up on the appeal of hosting films on rooftops and decks, in courtyards and poolside.

pick up on  “to realize, to notice” or “catch a trend.”


Here the Hotel Hugo on Greenwich Street hosts a Rooftop Cinema Series all summer long in the West Village. Every Monday at sunset they merge the casual after-work cocktail hour with screenings of old-school classics, new releases and even live sports. Their location has 360-degree views of the New York City skyline.

merge   …を(…に)合併[併合]する,…を(…と)合併[合体]させる

old school ~ 1.古き良き~、古いけれど魅力的な 2.時代遅れの~

グリニッジ・ストリートにあるホテルヒューゴではウエスト・ビレッジで夏中ルーフトップシネマを開催しています。毎週月曜日に日没とともに古きよき名作、新作、また、スポーツの生中継を鑑賞しながらafter-work cocktail hourを楽しむことができます。ここは360度ニューヨークの街が見渡せる場所です。

Another is SkyLawn. Also at a hotel, SkyLawn creates a public but more immersed experience where you can take in a film up above with their Rooftop Cinema Club. Their rooftop venue can be found at the Hilton Embassy Suites hotel on West 37th Street. They believe iconic movies and great dialogue deserve to be heard properly. Ever missed that key plot-line because the guy behind you is eating his popcorn too loudly? They use state-of-the-art wireless headphones so you can live in those memorable cinematic moments, and not get disturbed by the outside world. They are screening Casablanca and other classics on their rooftop in Midtown Manhattan. Their tagline is “This is social cinema.”

immersed  1.(液体に)浸された  2. 〔… に〕熱中して,没頭して

take in a film ≒ watch a film


social   社会的な、社交のための、社会福祉の

もうひとつはスカイローンです。これもまた、ホテル主催です。スカイローンは公共の場であっても、映画の世界に浸る経験を創り出してくれます。会場はウエスト37ストリートのHilton Embassy Suites hotel にあります。人気の映画や素晴らしい会話はきっちりと聞くに値すると考えています。後ろの座席の人のポップコーンを食べる音がうるさくて重要なせりふを聞き逃したことはありませんか。 ここでは最新式のワイヤレスヘッドフォンを使い心に残る時間を過ごすことができます。マンハッタンミッドタウンの屋上でカサブランカなどが上映されています。 タグラインは「これは社会(社交・社会福祉)のための映画です」。


PART 4. The old ‘dinner and a movie’ gets an upgrade. In downtown Manhattan, Tribeca Drive-In Presents merges dinner-and-a-movie in one spot. They offer a one-of-a-kind outdoor film and dining experience on the Oculus Plaza of the World Trade Center.

one-of-a-kind  比類のない、唯一の、独特な

従来の‘dinner and a movie’もグレードアップしています。マンハッタン、ダウンタウンでは、ディナーと映画を一体化しました。ワールドトレードセンターのオキュラス・プラザでは他に類を見ない野外映画と食事の経験を提供してくれます。

Consumers will be invited to experience live music and trivia as well as a curated menu of food and beverage options. It’s got to be top-dollar. I can guarantee you that. But if it’s with someone whose company you truly enjoy, [then] it’s worth it!

* curated については最後のコラムをご覧ください。



Ever since the old days of the silver screen, New York has always been a film lover’s paradise. Both as a setting in movies and as a town with numerous independent movie theaters, when summer comes you can see the two merge. When it comes to rooftop films, the backdrop for your screen is just as —if not more— important.


It’s my opinion that the current popularity of outdoor films, especially rooftop films, echoes the past when drive-in movies were popular in America. The drive-in’s peak popularity came in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Interestingly, upstate New York and Long Island are like the last bastions of the drive-in movie theater, where several still exist.

bastion  1. 要塞ようさい,とりで 2 最後のよりどころ


Also, 2018 seems to be a pivotal year for cinema. There are a lot of anniversaries. The Rooftop Cinema Series this summer at Hotel Hugo is screening Grease to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Scarface on its 35th anniversary, and The Big Lebowski for its 20th anniversary. Also, SkyLawn is showing the comedy Coming to America for its 30th anniversary.

pivotal 極めて重要な


The type of audience at a rooftop movie experience in New York City is always going to be great.  At some of the screenings you get a chance to see a movie in an audience full of film fans who all bring a special vibe to the screening. There are special appearances by the directors and filmmakers sometimes.

vibes ( vibrations )  気持ち,感じ,雰囲気


All right folks, thank you for taking time out of your day to listen to our podcast. If you like what you hear, hit that ‘Like’ button and get subscribed. Until next time, stay engaged, keep informed, and know what’s up.  Bye for now!

* curated の意味をChris さんに質問しました。

“Curated” used to be mainly for museums and exhibitions.

With the rise of social media, especially Instagram, restaurants

and bars design their spaces and menus to be appealing for food photography.

People think more carefully about the appearance of everything. In this case, the menu.

So now we have phrases like “curated social feed,” “curated Instagram feed,” “curated drink menu” to describe the level of expertise and thought devoted to something that used to be a lot simpler.

”curator” は博物館・図書館などの管理者、館長なので、その分野においての専門家が展示のために選んだ——-「選りすぐりの」「厳選された」といった意味だと思いました。現在ではインスタグラムの台頭に伴い、主に食べ物の写真(見た目、見栄え)について使われることも多いのだと思います。



this sign: “GRAB SOMETHING GOOD. Our favorites curated just for you.”Americans (and maybe Brits and Aussies too) have been using the word ‘curated’ to mean ‘selected’ when talking about menus, experiences, and social media feeds.


ニューヨーク街歩き(ガイドブックから)—–ゴワナス (Gowanus)

今回は ルーフトップフィルム上映場所として有名な The Old American Can Factory のあるGowanaus地区についてです。 

ブルックリンで人気の閑静な住宅街、パークスロープ(PARK SLOPE)から少し西側へ行くと、パークスロープとレッドフック(REDHOOK)の丁度中間地点にあるゴワナス(GOWANUS)地区に差し掛かります。ゴワナス運河を囲む地区で元は工場や倉庫地帯でしたが、少しずつ、可愛いカフェやレストラン、ギャラリーなどが並び始め、規模は小さいけれど、個性的な女性向きのショップが点在する地区です。