Episode 8 ニューヨークの屋上プール ( ROOFTOPS OF NEW YORK : ROOFTOP POOL )


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Welcome to Episode Number 8 of the “New York Breeze” the podcast where you can listen in English and Japanese about life in New York City in easy to digest one-minute  soundbites.

This episode rounds out our rooftop series. In the previous two episodes we explored rooftop farms and rooftop movies. Today we’re going to take a “deep dive” into New York ’s rooftop pools. I’m going to highlight my favorite, more easily accessible, rooftop pools in the city.


So, there are two things missing from the vast majority of New York City apartments. Most of us lack a washing machine inside the apartment and a pool in the building. We feel that sense of lack especially when summertime rolls around.  The buildup of heat, sweat, and stress in the summer in the city makes the prospect of taking a dip all the more enticing — what could be better than a rooftop oasis?

enticing  心をそそる、魅惑的な   take a dip ひと泳ぎする


While most pools in NYC typically require expensive membership fees or exorbitant hotel stays, these elevated spots offer day passes for a fraction of the cost.  Yes, some require throwing down serious cash, but some things are worth the splurge. And in this roundup of accessible rooftop pools, there are a variety of options that won’t break your budget. So get ready to bust out your favorite swimming gear and splish splash in the pools with the most soul-inspiring views of New York City.

exorbitant 法外な   splurge  贅沢をする、散財する

for a fraction of the cost わずかな費用で

bust out —  slang for ’to take / bring out and show off’. or just ’show off’ some apparel or skills




One of my all-time favorite rooftop pools is at the Parker New York Hotel on West 56th Street behind Carnegie Hall. The pool area is enclosed. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide sweeping views of Central Park. The word refreshing doesn’t come close to describing this rejuvenating experience. $150 gets you a day pass.

all-time favorite 今まで[これまで]で一番のお気に入り(の)床から天井まである窓

rejuvenating 〈人を〉若返らせる; 元気を回復させる

a sweeping view of ~    ~の一望、絶景


The Pool


The Hotel Gansevoort features a rooftop space with its unbeatable 45-foot pool, landscaped garden, and rooftop bar serving specialty cocktails. Located on 9th Avenue in the the Meatpacking District, they are close to the High Line and the Whitney (Museum of American Art). The rooftop pool overlooks the Hudson River and since it’s heated you can enjoy the pool all year round. Sweet! https://www.gansevoorthotelgroup.com/content/pdfs/meatpacking-brochure1.pdf

unbeatable 打ち負かすことのできない、すばらしい,とびきりの

45-foot pool  長さ45フィートのプール

high line





In SoHo, Jimmy At The James on Grand Street has a cute little rooftop pool. It’s not particularly big, but it is open to the public for free on Saturdays and Sundays. From 3pm everybody can enjoy a no-cover bar and pool party complete with DJs, and a cash bar all surrounded by inspiring views of the city skyline. jimmysoho.com




In Williamsburg, Brooklyn, there are several hotels competing for the biggest and best rooftop pool experience. Making it a little confusing is the fact that they are all clustered near McCarren Park where you can find the renovated public pool that is free if you purchase a 1-year Recreation Pass that costs about the same or less than you’d pay for a single day at many of these swank rooftop pools. It’s $150 for adults, $25 for seniors (65 and older) and costs nothing for children and teens under the age of 18.


First off is The McCarren Hotel in Williamsburg. It’s pool isn’t technically on the roof, though it’s both elevated and excellent enough to make this list. This is a three-season salt water pool with lounge that serves delicious food. You don’t need to book a hotel room to use the pool. You can purchase a day pass for some money. Definitely this is the place for the luxury-minded hipster set.   https://www.mccarrenhotel.com/pool-faq

technically  厳密には

hipster  〈俗〉進んでいる人、流行に敏感な人




The Williamsburg Hotel on Wythe Avenue debuted their eagerly awaited rooftop pool and bar this summer. A day pass costs anywhere between $65 to $100. You’ll have to check with them on pricing for reserving a cabana, daybed or a lounge chair. For this one, it’s probably best to book a stay to get treated right.



The William Vale, also in Billburg, has one-upped their competition. They have a 60-foot rooftop pool with awesome Manhattan views. The poolside is roomy and the terrace is around 5,000 square feet. You can bet food and drinks are served. Day passes are only available Mondays through Thursdays and start at $150. See their website before you go, just to make sure. thewilliamvale.com
one-up the competition  競争を一歩リードする

ウィリアムヴェイルは 競争を一歩リードしています。長さ60フィートのプールがあり、素晴らしいマンハッタンの眺めを楽しむことができます。プールサイドは広々としてテラスの広さは5000平方フィートです。1日パスが利用できるのは月曜日から木曜日までで150ドルからです。

PART 4.  LIC and Roosevelt Island: Something different. ロングアイランドシティとルーズベルト島

In Long Island City, there’s the Profundo Day Club. It’s set up for sun worshippers. Their rooftop pool gets unobstructed sunlight in addition to a killer view of the city. Last time I checked, a day pass runs $50. profundopoolclub.com




Located in-between Manhattan and Long Island City is Roosevelt Island. The pool at “Sportspark” is very local and a fantastic deal. To get there, you take the tram. The tramway is on 2nd Avenue at East 60th Street. For the same price as a subway or bus fare, you get a tram ride — think “gondola” — or you could even take the ferry.  Even though this is not a rooftop pool, you get there by going over rooftops. The pool at Sportspark is 25 meters (half-Olympic size). And the best part is that it only costs $5 for adults and $3 for children and teens (4-17 years old) and is free for senior citizens. It’s just steps from the Roosevelt Island Tramway and NYC Ferry.



PART 5.  The Floating Pool in the BX


Venture just north of Manhattan and in the Bronx, you’ll find The Floating Pool — a barge converted into a rooftop pool open in summer.  Throughout the city there are numerous public swimming pools, like the one I mentioned in Brooklyn at McCarren Park. But this one is very special because it’s a converted rooftop pool!  For a full list of public pools, you can visit the NYC Parks Department website. I’ll put the full URL in our podcast description so you get all the info.



Just a little safety tip:
Make sure you have a sturdy combination lock when you head out to a public pool. It will keep your valuables safe, and let you hit the water feeling more secure about your belongings.

And here is a little “PSA” (public service announcement)

* How to get free sunscreen

The NYC Parks is furthering its sun safety efforts by providing free sunscreen to city pools across the five boroughs. Outdoor pools will all have dispensers with free, broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen. NYC Parks also offers free swimming lessons for people of all ages throughout the summer. Putting those tax dollars to work. Yeah!

borough——ニューヨーク市の五つの区。Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island。他の区は、countyを使う。

broad-spectrum 広範囲の波長の紫外線を防止する



It makes sense to comment that New York City right now is fast adding to its rooftop spaces for a variety of reasons — not the least because there’s intense demand for the sake of social media. People want to have incredible visual moments to share with friends and followers. This desire is definitely fueling the growth in designed spaces like the ones we’re talking about today.  A rooftop garden, curated experiences like a rooftop film, or a rooftop pool with a cabana filled with Instagram-worthy edibles and cocktails is — no pun intended — the ultimate elevated experience.  NYC is constantly changing and the rooftop trend is one of the most exciting facets of our city today.

For more info, you can check out the links in the info section of the podcast.


not (the ) least because ~ とりわけ~のため、~だからなおさらだ

curated experiences  極上の経験、選りすぐりの経験


All right. Thanks for listening. If you like what you hear, hit that ‘Like’ button and get subscribed. Until next time, bye for now!

vocabulary word list
pool enticing  心をそそる、魅惑的な take a dip ひと泳ぎする exorbitant 法外な splurge  贅沢をする、散財する for a fraction of the cost わずかな費用で bust out all-time favorite 今まで[これまで]で一番のお気に入り(の)床から天井まである窓 rejuvenating 〈人を〉若返らせる; 元気を回復させる a sweeping view of ~ unbeatable 打ち負かすことのできない、すばらしい,とびきりの 45-foot pool  technically  厳密には hipster  〈俗〉進んでいる人、流行に敏感な人 one-up the competition  競争を一歩リードする unobstructed遮るもののない、妨げられていない unobstructed view PSA(公共広告) public service announcement borough——ニューヨーク市の五つの区。Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island。他の区は、countyを使う。 broad-spectrum 広範囲の波長の紫外線を防止する outro—イントロと対になる単語 not (the ) least because ~ とりわけ~のため、~だからなおさらだ curated experiences  極上の経験、選りすぐりの経験   


NYC街歩き—-ハイライン(The High Line)  ホイットニー美術館(Whitney Museum of American )



ホイットニー美術館は1931年に設立されました。当初の建物は、グリニッジ・ヴィレッジに位置していました。1954年には、ニューヨーク近代美術館の裏の54丁目に移転。さらに、1966年にアッパー・イースト・サイドへ。2014年10月にこの美術館は一時閉鎖され、2015年5月1日にウエスト・ヴィレッジ/ミートパッキング・ディストリクトのワシントン・ストリートとガンズヴォート・ストリートの角 (99 Gansevoort Street) に新築の建物で再オープンしました。



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