Episode 19 ニューヨーカー流ピザの食べ方 ( How to eat pizza like a local New Yorker )

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Welcome to the “New York Breeze,” the podcast where you can listen in English and Japanese about life in New York City in easy to digest oneminute soundbites. Iʼm Chris in New York, and our co-host in Japan is Shoko. Todayʼs episode is part two of a 3-part series about one of New Yorkʼs most famous foods ever̶pizza. This episode we will serve up a slice of pizza history, then talk about how to eat pizza like a local New Yorker. 今日のエピソードはピザシリーズ全3回のうちの第2回、ピザの歴史、それからニューヨーカー流ピザの食べ方です。


Neapolitain-style pizza-by-the-slice is a New York institution.

[ 青色部分—–ポッドキャストの日本語そのまま]

Shoko : クリスさん、最初の言葉 もう一度言ってもらえますか

Chris: Yeah, sure….  Neapolitan-style. Neapolitan is the adjective form of Naples, the city in Italy where New York pizza comes from.  In Italian that city is is known as Napoli.

Shoko: ナポリの英語発音はNaples で形容詞はNeapolitan というのですね。ナポリスタイルのピザという意味だったのですね。 ナポリスタイルのピザとは薄いのですか。

Chris: Yes, it’s thin.  Like I said, New York pizza is Neapolitan style.  It’s got a thin crust. It’s chewy. Made with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Just like in the pictures I uploaded. 


Shoko: ニューヨークピザはナポリスタイルのように生地が薄いけれど中はもちもちしていて、トマトソースとモッツアレラが使われる。それがスライス売りになっているのですね。写真で見ると、シンプルです。特徴が良くわかりました。

In 1905, Lombardiʼs in Little Italy became America’s first pizza parlor. Then in 1924 Totonno’s branched off from Lombardiʼs, and set up shop in Coney Island in Brooklyn. After that Johnʼs of Bleecker Street opened in 1929. But Patsy’s in El Barrio was the first to sell slices in 1933, and the rest is history as they say.


  a slice of が「(ピザの)スライス、切り売り」と(ピザの歴史)「の一部分」の掛け詞になっている       

institution 《口語で》 おなじみのもの, 名物

The rest is history. その続きは有名な話(言うまでも無い)



Now is a good time to mention “dollar slices.” Once upon a time, not long ago, plenty of things used to cost just a dollar: a coffee, a hot dog, and a slice of pizza. Now the city is so expensive, and the US dollar is so weak (domestically) that the average price of a slice of pizza is $4.  domestically  国内で


But there are a number of pizzerias that still uphold this price. We associate dollar slices with a late-night snack or just a quick bite any time of day. I can tell you that finding a delicious dollar slice is like the holy grail for some pizza lovers. Check out this website Dollar Slice. It maps all the $1 pizza spots in New York City. http://www.dollarslicenyc.com/


holy grail  困難な探求の対象、渇望の品    【語源】聖杯探求の伝説より  《the Holy Grail》聖杯◆中世の伝説で、イエス・キリストが最後の晩さんで用い、アリマタヤのヨゼフに与えたとされる杯。また磔にされたキリストの血を受けたとされる。イエスが最後の過越の食事をしたときに子羊の肉を載せた皿だとする説もある。



This is something that is so New York, I canʼt begin to tell you. In addition to the toppings you will read on the menu (like pepperoni) you will find bottles of free seasonings. They are sitting right there on the counter for you to sprinkle on your slice. The standard seasonings are:

I canʼt begin to tell you.  すべてを語りつくせない。ex. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am. 私がどんなに感謝しているかとても語れません。

In addition to ~ ~に加えて


  • Red Pepper Flakes ̶ perfect spice for a regular slice (tomato sauceand mozzarella cheese) 赤唐辛子のフレーク——レギュラースライス(トマトソースとモッツアレラチーズのスライス)にぴったり
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese ̶ for cheese lovers
 パルメザンチーズ ——–  チーズ好きな人へ
  • Dried Oregano ̶ a little goes a long way, adds vegetal earthy flavor     オレガノ 少量で十分
  • Pepper ̶ great on a white slice
  • Garlic Salt ̶ not needed since there already is some garlic and salt inthe sauce. ソースの中にガーリックとソルトは入っているので必要ない

grated cheese おろしたチーズ    a little goes a long way 少量でも劇的な効果がある 


how to fold

OK now that weʼve spiced up our slice, letʼs get down to business. Hereʼs how we eat pizza in New York. I uploaded a picture so you can see how we do. First and foremost: no cutlery, please. We eat pizza with our hands. So donʼt be shy. You pick up your slice. Fold it at the crust. And take a bite. Soon after you fold it, though, a small but messy problem is about to happen…

fond  折り曲げる first and foremost 真っ先に、何よりもまず   messy problem  やっかいな問題    be about to ~ 今にも~しようとしている




One thing you might notice is that New York pizza is greasy. Donʼt stress it. This is natural. Itʼs the fat in the mozzarella cheese. It turns to grease when heated in the oven. Some people say itʼs bad form to blot your slice. But I think it tastes better if you cut some of the grease. Hereʼs what to do. Blot it with a napkin or a paper towel. (See photo).If youʼre seeing this for the first time, it might gross you out. Sorry.

greasy  脂っぽい、油分が多い   blot ( 吸い取り紙で)吸い取る  turn to ~ ~に変わる gross  O  out   を嫌な気分にさせる 

多分、ニューヨークピザはギトギトしていると思うでしょう。気にしなくてもいいですよ。これは天然のもの—モッツアレラチーズの油なのです。オーブンで温められ、油に変わるのです。油を紙などで吸い取る( blot ) のは不作法だと言う人もいますが、油分を抑えたほうが味がよいと私は思います。やり方はこうです。ナプキンかペーパータオルで油分を吸い取ります。(写真参照)初めて見た人は気持ち悪いと思ったかもしれません。ごめんなさい。


Another way to decrease the grease is tilt your slice back and let the grease drip off the back. I do it this way to sweeten the dry crust. Some people tilt the slice forward and let the grease drip off the tip, but you risk the cheese shifting forward. Best tilt it back and give the dry crust some extra cheese and flavor, in my opinion.        tilt  を傾ける



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