Episode 24 ニューヨークのビーガン 復習編 Part 2

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 ☆ 元ビートルズのポールマッカートニーは「お肉を食べない月曜日」を提唱しました。2015年のインタヴューで次のように語っています。「人々に、僕のようなベジタリアンになれと強制しているわけではないんだ。一週間に一回だけ、肉を食べない日をつくるだけで、地球の環境問題緩和に貢献することができる。週一回車を使わないことより、はるかに簡単だろう? 」この動きはNYCでも広まりつつあるようです。 


Welcome to episode 24 of “The New York Breeze” podcast. Today’s topic is Being Vegan in New York. Today we are going to go hunting for meatless meat in NYC.


Ⅳ. What is the Beyond Burger?   ビヨンド・バーガーとは何か?

The Beyond Burger is also a plant-based burger that is made to resemble red meat. Its ingredients include all-natural seasonings and proteins from vegetables like pea and soy,  and its special ingredient is beet juice…so it “bleeds” like a real burger.

resemble~ ~に似ている  ingredient 材料  

Red meat means any meat that is dark-colored before cooking. So were talking about beef, lamb, or venison.  レッドミートは調理前に色が赤い(濃い)肉 --- 牛肉、子羊の肉、鹿肉など。

We also say white meat for chicken, turkey or veal. A common example is when serving turkey and the host or the chef offers guests white or dark meat. ホワイトミートは鶏肉、七面鳥、子牛の肉など。” white or dark meat” は サンクスギビング ( Thanksgiving) のディナーの席でよく聞かれる言葉なのですね。


To me, beets are a signature ingredient in Eastern European and Russian cooking. Beets are used in various stews and dishes. Beets are full of nutrients and can be juiced too. It depends on the family and their food preferences. Chances are a lot of people are juicing beets, but you can use them in salads too. They taste great in a salad made with spinach leaves, walnuts and blue cheese. 

signature  特徴的な  cf. The United States’ signature food of each state (アメリカ各州の代表的な食べ物) nutrient 栄養分

According to Beyond Meat, their burgers are made with 100% plant-protein.  They use a proprietary heating-cooling-pressure process. Hard to picture it, I know. As a result, this produces the taste and texture of meat without the cow.  proprietary 専売特許の 

Proprietary” is a word that you often come across in the contexts of software development and the laws on property and ownership. 

To understand this word better, I suggest you look it up in the dictionary.

One easy way to understand proprietary is this. Proprietary is the opposite of open source. 




Ⅴ. Beyond Burger vs. Impossible Burger ( Game On ! )

I headed to my neighborhood Bareburger for a taste-test. I’ve been wanting to compare the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger 2.0…  Bareburger seemed perfect for this. I found they have more than a dozen different veggie-burgers to choose from. So I asked the waiter, and went with their two most popular. (Check out the photos I uploaded.) head to ~ ~へ向かう go with ~ ~を受け入れる、 ~を選ぶ


Both plant-based burgers had [a] good texture and chew. However, the Beyond Burger was noticeably smaller. The Impossible Burger 2.0 has a texture and flavor almost identical to a beef burger — just less greasy.

noticeably  目に見えて、著しく

be identical to  ~  ~と同一である 


When it came to the Beyond Burger, the color of the Beyond Burger did not look fully cooked, even though it was. In contrast, the Impossible Burger looked like a perfectly grilled burger. The chew of the Beyond Burger was more like biting into corn-on-the-cob or honeycomb. It wasn’t bad. Hands down, I’ll be back for the Impossible Burger.

corn on the cob  芯についたトウモロコシ honeycomb ハチの巣    hands down 明らかに、疑いなく