Episode 3 ニューヨークで自転車に乗る( BIKE NEW YORK )Part 1


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Episode No. 3 “BIKE NEW YORK”  Part 1


Getting on a bike and going out for a ride is the ultimate feeling of freedom. But how about when you’re surrounded by tons of traffic, potholes, and emergency vehicles where the rules of the road rarely apply? Join us as we talk about the daily complexity of biking in New York City. Welcome to Episode Number 3 of the New York Breeze, “BIKE NEW YORK”


complexity 複雑性 多数の部品が入り組んで配置された何らかのものを特徴付ける言葉として使われる。科学として複雑性を研究するアプローチはいくつか存在している。(出典ウィキペディア)

Part 1.

2. Bike New York. Is that a subject of conversation, or a dare?

Yeah, New York is not an immediately obvious place to enjoy the pleasures of cycling, with its traffic-choked streets. It’s dangerous; I’m not gonna lie. One unique thing we have in New York is food delivery by ebike. You’ll be competing for lane space with food delivery guys on electric bikes that speed faster than the cars. And because they’re in a rush, the delivery bikes regularly use the 1-way bike lanes in both directions and sometimes ignore traffic stops. That’s one reason why I say, “The rules of the road often don’t apply.” You gotta keep your eyes peeled, to say the least, if you want to get around by bike in this city. Despite all the danger, the cycling scene is booming here.

a dare   挑戦・あえて危ないことをすること

immediately obvious  一見して明らかな

I’m not gonna lie. =To be honest / Honestly  正直言って

to say the least  控えめに言っても

keep your eyes peeled 目を凝らして見ている、油断しないでいる

2. ニューヨークで自転車に乗る。それって会話の話題になるのか?


crowded streets
bike lane
food delivery











3. Much love for biking in New York. Much love.

Bike riding, or cycling, has been soaring in popularity around the world and for good reason. America’s most vibrant cities like San Francisco and New York are growing in population and our transit systems are becoming more like Tokyo’s — packed.  A bicycle offers more than a cheap, fast and healthy way to commute. There’s a feeling of accomplishment and independence of movement that elevates our mood. There’s also a traffic-calming effect that has been documented in 2 new reports by the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT), which I’ll talk more about in an upcoming episode so you can practice listening to stats. So why do I love biking New York? For me it’s a combination of exercise, sightseeing and being a part of a greater global community of people who love to travel by bike. For a lot of fellow New Yorkers, biking to school or work is the best alternative to the aging subway system.

for good reason  もっともな理由のために 十分な理由のために

best alternative  最もよい代替手段



4. Our bike share program is phenomenal.

Bike ridership is way up, thanks in large part to CitiBike, our city’s official bike share program. The level at which people are using bikes to commute is astonishing to me, because I can remember a time in this city when the only grown-ups who rode bikes in the street were either bike messengers or drug dealers, or a combination of both! The bike messenger was pre-Internet, and you had to be insanely brave to get out there like they did. They’d rush urgent documents, film from photo shoots, contracts from legal offices, by attacking traffic — not just fighting traffic — they’d attack the streets and get things across town to offices in Midtown, along Madison Avenue, and down in Wall Street. The bike messenger was distinctly New York — pumping the city’s exchange of information. Now with email and smartphones, bike messengers are rare, and food delivery bikers on electric powered bikes and commuters on CitiBikes are ubiquitous. How times have changed.

phenomenal  驚くべき/ 目を見張るような/ 驚異的な

bike ridership  自転車利用者数

ubiquitous  遍在する / あらゆるところに同時に存在する

cf. ユビキタス社会―――マーク・ワイザーが、1991年の論文でコンピュータやネットワークなどの遍在をあらわす意味合いで用いて以来使われるようになった。(出典ウィキペディア)



But I digress! (LOL) Our bike share program is awesome for its ability to solve the 3 biggest obstacles to biking in the city: 1. theft, 2. a general lack of adequate bike parking at offices and schools, and 3. It’s difficult to make a hybrid trip where you bring your bike on board a bus, subway, or train. If you’re in town you can easily buy day passes or an annual membership with your smartphone or credit card at one of the bike terminals. For more info just go to: www.citibikenyc.com or your phone’s app store, and you’ll find it with a keyword search.

But I digress !  わき道にそれました。/ 話を元にもどすと。

lack of ~  ~の不足/ ~の欠如

話がわき道にそれました! (笑)。ニューヨークのバイクシェアプログラムは市内で自転車に乗るときの3大障害を解決するのに威力を発揮します。 1.盗難 2.オフィスや学校での恒久的な駐輪場不足。3.途中で自転車をバスや地下鉄、電車に載せる旅行が困難。というのが3大障害です。街にいるならバイクターミナルでスマホやクレジットカードを使い1日パスや年間メンバーシップが簡単に購入できます。もっと知りたければ、www.citibikenyc.com、またはスマホのアプリストアへ。キーワードで検索できます。


ニューヨークのマンハッタンと南ブルックリンの330ヶ所に自転車が借りられるステーションが設置された。どのステーションで借りても、どのステーションに返却してもOK。セルフサービスで24時間貸出・返却可。利用登録(パス購入)は、18歳以上 *16歳以上なら、地元の人も旅行者も利用可(出典NAVERまとめ)

5. Cycling is the new golf.

Golf has long been the sport of choice for businesspeople to cement relationships and close deals. In the past 10 years, it seems to me that people across generations, from millennials to baby boomers, are going cycling, spinning and doing yoga — golf is less accessible for people in the city and players’ varying abilities can make the whole time awkward. Cycling is especially conducive for people to network. It’s easy to meet up and depending on people’s level, you can exercise harder or adjust and focus more on the scenery. There are a lot of ways to join a bike tour or a group ride in New York City. Likewise, businesses have sprung up to help people take it to the next level. There are tour companies like Get Up and Ride, where you can see New York by bike like a local.


businesspeople  取引する人々(特にビジネス幹部社員)

millennials —-1980年代から2000年代初頭(2000年前後)に生まれた世代のことを”Millennial Generation”(ミレニアル世代)、あるいは”Millennials”(ミレニアルズ)と呼ぶ場合がある。Generation Y と同義に扱われることが多い。(出典 ウィキペディア)

baby boomers—-アメリカにおける「ベビーブーマー」の範囲については概ね1946年から1964年頃までに生まれた世代を指す事が多い。(出典 ウィキペディア)

awkward    気まずい きまりの悪い



です。集まって個々のレベルの差に応じてきつい運動にしたり、調整して景色を楽しむのに重きをおいたりできます。ニューヨークにはバイクツアーやサイクリングのグループに参加する多くの方法があります。同様に、人々を次のレベルに導くビジネスもにわかに発生しています。「ゲットアップ アンド ライド」のような旅行会社もたくさんあり、ニューヨーカーのように自転車でニューヨークをまわることができます。


There’s the Rapha store on Prince Street in SoHo. They design their stores as a clubhouse, where people can gather for group rides, catch up on the latest cycling news, drink espresso and shop for cycling gear or apparel. Three of my favorite rides are the Brooklyn Bridge early in the morning; the Hudson River Greenway, which is the most used bikeway in America and makes for some great selfies along the west side of Manhattan; and I also like the road inside Central Park where you can do laps. There are some steep inclines and plenty of places to stop if you get out of breath. If you’re in New York and want to contact me for a bike ride, feel free to email me at: chris.drinks.coffee@gmail.com If you want to ride with someone who speaks Japanese fluently and want to meet up for a small group ride in Brooklyn or Manhattan, definitely contact me. You can find me on Strava the running and cycling app under the name “/ Chris” My tagline is the quote: “The bicycle is a curious vehicle whose passenger is also its engine.”

tagline キャッチフレーズ

do laps  = run laps on a track  道路を回る

ソーホーのプリンスストリートにはラファストアがあります。建物はクラブハウスのように設計されていて、そこでは人々はグループサイクリングのために集まり、最新のサイクリングニュースを得て、エスプレッソを飲み、自転車用品を買うこともできます。自転車で行く私のお気に入りの3箇所は、早朝のブルックリン橋、ハドソン川グリーンウェイ、ここはアメリカで最も使われている自転車道で、マンハッタンの西側に沿って素晴らしいセルフィーが撮れる場所です。そしてセントラルパーク内の道路を回るのも好きです。急な勾配もあれば息が切れたら止まれる場所もたくさんあります。もしニューヨークにいて自転車に乗りたいと連絡したいなら遠慮なく私(chris.drinks.coffee@gmail.com)までメールしてください。日本語を流ちょうに話す人とブルックリンやマンハッタンを少人数のグループで回りたいなら、絶対に私に連絡すべきですよ。アプリ Strava the running and cycling の名前“/ Chris” でタグラインは “The bicycle is a curious vehicle whose passenger is also its engine.(自転車は乗っている人がエンジンでもあるという奇妙な乗り物だ)” です。








In English, we have the prepositional phrase, “like riding a bike,” that way say about a skill that, once learned, is never forgotten. We also can use this phrase to describe something dead easy, or something anybody could accomplish. Don’t you ever wish that learning another language could be more like bike riding?  I certainly feel that way about learning Japanese, French and Spanish. And come to think of it, learning to ride a bike isn’t necessarily so easy if you live in New York City… There is Bike NYC, a local non-profit whose mission is to encourage bike riding and safety, and they offer “learn to bike as an adult” classes. Although the retention aspect of bike riding and language learning are pretty much opposites, I think bike riding and language learning are alike when it comes to the possibilities they both open for experiencing life and discovering new people and places.

Thanks for listening. Remember to hit that “like” button if you like what you heard, and get subscribed. And if you’re biking, just remember to keep the rubber side down. Bye for now.

come to think of it  考えてみると

not necessarily ~ 必ずしも~というわけではない

retention  保有・保存・維持

opposite   反対のもの / 反対の

when it comes to ~ ~に関して言えば、~のこととなると

Keep the rubber side down. ゴムの方を下にしておく→ひっくり返らないようにする、気を付けて運転する



“Bounce to the Vocab” WORD LIST

a dare   挑戦・あえて危ないことをすること

immediately obvious  一見して明らかな

I’m not gonna lie. =To be honest / Honestly  正直言って


to say the least  控えめに言っても

keep your eyes peeled 目を凝らして見ている、油断しないでいる for good reason  もっともな理由のために 十分な理由のために

best alternative  最もよい代替手段

phenomenal  驚くべき/ 目を見張るような/ 驚異的な

bike ridership  自転車利用者数

ubiquitous  遍在する / あらゆるところに同時に存在する But I digress!  わき道にそれました。/ 話を元 にもどすと。

lack of ~  ~の不足/ ~の欠如 businesspeople  取引する人々(特にビジネス幹部社員)


awkward    気まずい きまりの悪い tagline キャッチフレーズ

do laps

come to think of it  考えてみると

not necessarily ~ 必ずしも~というわけではない retention  保有・保存・維持 opposite   反対のもの反対の

when it comes to ~ ~に関して言えば、~のこととなると

Keep the rubber side down.