Episode 16 ニューヨークのストリートアート・入門編 (NYC STREET ART: A Primer)



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* 日本では街に勝手に描かれたものは「落書き」だとみなされ、アートとして歓迎する人はほとんどいないでしょう。ニューヨークではどうなのでしょう。

Keith Haring’s Crack is Wack mural in Harlem
キースへリングの「麻薬はくだらない」 はハーレムの公園内のハンドボールコートの壁に描かれています。


Welcome to the “New York Breeze” the podcast where you can listen in English and Japanese about life in New York City in easy to digest one-minute soundbites. I’m Chris in New York and my cohost in Japan is Shoko.

In today’s episode we’ll be talking about Street Art.

This sound makes some cringe and other people will be filled with excitement.

cringe 縮こまる、嫌気がさす(こと)



 Ⅱ.  Coming to a definition of street art  ストリートアートを定義づけしてみると

For those not familiar, the term ‘street art’ can refer to any visual art created in public locations, usually unsanctioned and done outside of traditional art venues. It is intertwined with graffiti, urban art and guerrilla art. All of these things are deeply associated with New York City, and have been since the 1970s and continue on to this day.

definition  定義、明確にすること  unsanctioned  正式に許可・認可されていない    venue  会場 be interwined with ~  ~と密接に関連づけられている


III. Graffiti vs. Street Art グラフィティ 対 ストリート・アート 

A mix of tags, graffiti and street art in LES
Emulated street art for cafe decoration


In general, people who write graffiti badly are called taggers. People who have skills and credibility are called writers. But to a court of law, this is just treated as vandalism.On a deeper level, graffiti is a form of advertising. Artists use graffiti to advertise themselves and their skills. They want to leave their mark. Graffiti is a stylized form of writing, and it connects to the bigger picture of urban existence.

credibility   信頼性,真実性     vandalism 公共物破損       stylize  様式化する urban existence ≒ city life 、ここではニューヨークの街で見られる芸術作品の意味も含む


Then you have murals. You’ll find sanctioned and unsanctioned murals all over the city. Keith Haring’s “Crack Is Wack” mural in Harlem is one famous example. It sends a message and it’s bold. Those two things, define for me, a big part of what street art is all about.

What do you think about the difference between Street Art vs Graffiti?

mural   壁画 Crack Is Wack  麻薬は馬鹿げている bold 勇敢な  

また、壁画もあります。街のあちこちに正式に許可された、または無許可の壁画を目にします。ハーレムにはキースへリングの ‘Crack is Wack’ (麻薬は馬鹿げている) があります。メッセージ性の強い大胆な壁画です。私の中ではこの2つこそがストリートアートを定義づけるものになっています。

Ⅳ. The market valuation of street art ストリートアートの市場価値


Maybe a lot of people still don’t perceive street art as having value.   However the so-called vandal who goes by the name of Banksy and spray paints murals and stencils has had most of his work auctioned by Sotheby’s of London for more than $500,000. To date, “Girl With Balloon” sold for the incredible sum of $1,135,219. You’ll probably recognize it: “Girl With Balloon” depicts a young girl letting go of a red heart-shaped balloon. The piece was even voted Britain’s most popular image in 2017. And then you have the piece “Keep It Spotless” that auctioned for $1,700,000.  Then consider New York’s own Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring — both of their graffiti, murals and other works have been adapted to T-shirts sold by UNIQLO.

vandal 〔芸術・公共物・自然などの〕破壊者  

go by the name of  通称~で通る to date 現在まで depict = describe 描く let go of ~から手を放す


Banksy バンクシーは、イギリスのロンドンを中心に活動する覆面芸術家。社会風刺的グラフィティアート、ストリートアートを世界各地にゲリラ的に描くという手法を取る。バンクシー本人は自分のプロフィールを隠そうとしており、本名をはじめとして不明な点が多い。大作を短時間で描くことから、複数人によるグループ説もある。 [出典ウィキペディア] 

Original mural on Waterloo Bridge in South Bank
At Sotheby’s Selling







Ⅴ. The intangible value of street art  ストリートアートの漠然とした価値

I’m not here to debate the pros and cons of graffiti. I’m here today to introduce the topic and importance of street art in New York City. Then follow up with a walk that tracks down the murals and tiny art hidden in plain sight here in NYC.

intangible 無形の、漠然とした  pros and cons  賛成と反対  follow up 追跡調査する,探究する track down 追跡して探し出す hidden in plain sight    隠れているように見えて実はすぐ見つかるような

stencils Protect Yo Heart
street art – hidden facees


This kind of art is different from any other art form that you’d find in a museum. For one, there is no middle-man, or curator. It’s out there for everyone to see and experience and form their own interpretations. Some of the best street art invites us to step out of our daily routine. Street art presents us with images, ideas and questions unlike advertising, billboards and traditional monuments.

middle-man   中間商人 curator  (美術館・図書館などの)管理者  billboard  広告用掲示板

unlike ~ ~とは違って


What kinds of street art and graffiti do you remember seeing where you live, or on the internet?

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