Episode 20 昔ながらのピザと新しいタイプのピザ ( Where to get real New York pizza )

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Hey, welcome to the “New York Breeze,” the podcast where you can listen in English and Japanese about life in New York City in easy to digest one-minute soundbites. I’m Chris in New York and my cohost in Japan is Shoko. Today’s episode is the final part of a 3-part series about pizza. Today we’ll cover where to get *your pizza fix around the city.



Across the board, traditional New York pizza is made Neapolitan style. That means it has a semi-thin crust that is a little crispy but chewy.           across the board  全般にわたって      全体的に言えば、従来のニューヨークピザはナポリスタイルです。やや薄めでサクサクとクリスピーですが、中はもちもちしています。

And the most popular pizza options in NYC are these 4:

1. Plain or Regular — which is your standard tomato and mozzarella Neapolitan slice. Your Margherita (with fresh

Plain or Regular

basil) is also popular, but it’s not **the default; “Regular” is.



2. Pepperoni — An American variety of salami made from cured dry sausage made of pork and beef mixed together.

Its bright red color and spiciness comes from being seasoned with paprika.




3. Sicilian — Thick-crust pizza, that is basically focaccia topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.

4. And (4th) we have our White Slice — No sauce, usually made with three cheeses: ricotta cheese, shredded

White Slice

mozzarella cheese and grated parmesan cheese.  It’s seasoned with Italian seasonings like basil, oregano and thyme, and served with a drizzle of olive oil.   drizzle  霧雨、液体のしたたり

4番目はホワイトスライスです。 ソースはなしで、たいていは3種類のチーズからできています。リコッタチーズ、細く刻んだモッツアレラチーズ、そして粉パルメザンチーズ。バジル、オレガノ、タイムといったイタリアの香辛料で味付けされ、オリーブオイルを垂らして食べます。


BEST PLACES for Pizza by the Pie — The Originators originator  創始者、本家
We can divide pizzerias into two categories — those who serve exclusively whole pizza pies, and those ones who sell pizza by the slice.  exclusively  独占的に、もっぱら

ピザのお店は2つのカテゴリ― ———  もっぱらピザパイ(ピザ丸ごと)を提供する店とスライス売りの店 にわけられます。 Let’s start with the oldest pizza joints: American pizza in general, and New York in particular, owes a lot to Lombardi’s Pizza. First opened in 1905 in Little Italy, Gennaro Lombardi was granted the first business license to sell pizza in New York. Lombardi’s is credited with the innovative use of the coal oven, and set the standard for selling pizza by the pie rather than the slice. Under his tutelage,  Anthony “Totonno” Pero began making pizza at Lombardi’s. Later, Totonno opened his own pizzeria in Coney Island in 1924. It still stands in the same location and is still run by the same family. True to form, they cook their pizza in a coal oven, at temperatures more than 300 degrees Celsius. Both make delicious pizza to this day.

tutelage 監督、指導  be credited with ~ ~で高い評価を得る  innovative  革新的、斬新的

owe a lot to ~       ~から多大な恩恵を受けている

最も歴史のあるピザ屋さんから始めましょう。概してアメリカのピザ、特にニューヨークピザはロンバルディーズから多大な影響を受けています。1905年にリトルイタリーで始まったのですが、ジェンナロ・ロンバルディはニューヨークで初めてピザの店を出すことを許可されました。ロンバルディ―ズは炭焼き釜戸を革新的に使ったことで高く評価され、スライスというよりまるごと販売するという基準を設けました。彼の指導のもと、アンソニー ‘トトノ’ ぺロ がロンバルディ―ズでピザをつくり始めました。後に、トトノは1924年にコニ―アイランドに自分の店を構えました。今も同じ場所で、同じ家族より経営を続け、炭焼き釜戸で300度以上の高温で焼いたピザを提供しています。ロンバルディ―ズもトトノスも現在もおいしいピザをつくり続けています。

BEST NEW(ER) PLACES for Pizza by the Pie — The innovators 革新的な丸ごとピザの店
Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, gets my top vote because they are both awesome at firing up delicious pizza and creating a neighborhood treasure. Since opening in 2008, Roberta’s has risen to fame. Their smallish pizzas are made with delicious, fresh ingredients and cooked in a wood-fired oven.

in Williamsburg serves up Detroit-style pizza. Known for its square shape, it has an extra crispy crust that comes from being baked in a pan. For toppings I recommend pepperoni or mushroom.   rise to fame 有名になる、世に知られるようになる・



Roberta’s Pizza
Emmy Squared
Detroit-style pizza









SLICE SHOPS 切り売りピザの店
Pizza by the slice, eaten on-the-go by folding it in half, is as New York as it gets. Here’s a quick rundown of some solid slice shops. Joe’s Pizza on Carmine Street in the West Village is one of the original, classic NY slice joints.

 as ~ as it gets   これ以上~のことはない。最も~である   rundown  要約、概要報告 


More recently, Scarr’s Pizza on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side opened as a throwback pizza parlor, basically to emulate places like Joe’s. It’s a cross between a wine bar and a slice joint. Worth a try.

最近、ロウアーイーストサイドのオーチャードストリートにスカーズピザが 復古調ピザの店としてオープンしました。基本的にはジョーズピザを手本としています。ワインバーとスライスピザの店が一緒になったような店です。行ってみる価値あり。

throwback あと戻り、(昔のものの)再来、復活  #Throwback Thursday (#TBT) にも使われている
emulate  と競う、(負けないように)熱心に見習う、まねる

cross between  AとBを足して2で割ったような人、AとBの中間物

Because of their location, NY Pizza Suprema is the best slice shop if you’re about to hop on a train at Penn Station, or pre-game before going to the (Madison Square) Garden to see the Knicks (basketball) or the Rangers (ice hockey).  立地条件でいえば、ニューヨーク・ピザ・シュープリーマが最高のスライスの店です。

Sal and Carmine’s Pizza on the Upper West Side is at Broadway and West 101st.  Straight-up old school pizza. Great for a dose of  Seinfeld-esque interactions — Be prepared to be ignored! Cash only, of course. And the pizza is delicious.   a dose of  ~   一服の~


Shoko: クリスさん、interactions の前の部分、もう一度言ってもらえますか

Chris : I said, “Seinfeld-esque interactions’. What I mean by that is a place where you can find quintessential, unique, quirky, and chutzpah you’d expect in New York. That’s what Seinfeld’s show was all about.

quintessential  典型的な = typical        quirky  くせのある chutzpah  あつかましさ

そこの店主が注文するのにもたもたしている客を怒鳴りつけるのです。あだ名が’ Soup Nazi’ というそうです。
では、お店の説明に戻ります。( Now, where were we? Let’s get back to Sal and Carmine’s Pizza.)

Sal and Carmine’s Pizza on the Upper West Side is at Broadway and West 101st.  Straight-up old school pizza. Great for a dose of  Seinfeld-esque interactions — Be prepared to be ignored! Cash only, of course. And the pizza is delicious.

[Haha, yeah, I guess you could say they’re a bit like “The Soup Nazi” of Pizza.]



We could easily spend hours debating who’s got the best pizza. It used to be that pizza was a food that, almost universally, we all could agree on. Serving plain and pepperoni pizza at kids’ birthday parties is what’s expected. School’s still have Pizza Friday. But now we have all kinds of dietary restrictions, chief among them being gluten-free and vegan. Some pizzerias have adjusted and offer more innovative recipes. While others stick to their guns, so to speak, and serve up their original recipes. That’s why I included a mix of originators and innovators in today’s episode — to demonstrate how a simple, traditional food has deeper and complex meaning in our lives.

agree on ~ ~について意見が一致する   what’s expected  期待されること、当然のこと

chief among ~ ~のうち主要なもの  stick to one’s guns  自分の立場を固守する

どこのピザが美味しいかについて話すにはいくら時間があっても足りないくらいです。世界のどこでも意見が一致する食べ物でした。子供のパーティーではプレインとぺパロ二は定番のメニューです。ところが現在あらゆる食事制限があらわれています。主なものはグルテンフリーとヴィーガンです。手を加え、革新的なレシピをつくりだした店もあれば、従来のレシピを堅く守り昔ながらのピザを出している店もあります。だからこそ今回のエピソードでは両方について取上げたのです —- シンプルで伝統的な食べ物が私たちの生活にどれだけ奥深く複雑な意味を持つかをお見せするために。

All right. Thank you to our listeners. Thanks  so much for listening and taking time to enjoy our podcast. If you like what you hear, hit that ‘Like’ button and get subscribed. Until next time, peace!

*your pizza fix   “___ fix” means something delicious. It also means to fill a need, desire, or addiction. To temporarily satisfy an addiction. The term “get a fix” originated in the drug culture of the 1970s and has long been in mainstream usage in America. If it’s used with food, it still has an undertone of compulsive addiction to something.  ex. Going to Trader Joe’s and get my chocolate fix.  美味しいもの、私をとりこにしている______

Here’s an article that uses this term: https://www.fitpregnancy.com/nutrition/prenatal-nutrition/10-healthy-ways-get-your-chocolate-fix

**default     In this sentence, I use ‘default’ as in ‘out of the box’, or the option that is chosen automatically for the user.  ex. the default settings (of your iOS/OS/computer.) 初期設定、定番、普通

***Seinfeld-esque    We can sometimes use -esque to make an adjective out of a proper noun. The TV show Seinfeld is well-known to people in New York and for showing us lots of New York characters. A character who resonates with the Japanese idea of “ganko-oyaji” at a sushi bar, cafe, or ramen joint was the “Soup Nazi”. So if you say, Seinfeld-esque, you can imagine the people working there are like the characters in the TV show. It’s a way of expressing, ‘quintessential New York.’

  resonate with ~ に共鳴(反響)する     quintessential  典型的な = typical    

popular example of -esque: Kafkaesque.——Of or relating to Franz Kafka or his writings.  adj.  Marked by surreal distortion and often a sense of impending danger(シュールな歪曲と切迫した危険の感覚により特徴づけられる): “Kafkaesque fantasies of the impassive interrogation, the false trial, the confiscated passport . . . haunt his innocence” ( New Yorker).

VOCABULARY LIST         Neopolitan New York style basil deep dish delectable delicious delish devour dough
mouth-watering mozzarella pan parmigiano pepperoni peppers pie pizzeria restaurant wood-burning coal-burning oven yummy


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