Episode 30 Cats of New York  ボデガ 猫と猫カフェ

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Today’s topic: Cats of New York. We’ll talk about a new law that recently came into effect. It protects cats. We’ll also talk about cat cafes and bodega cats. All that and more on today’s episode of The New York Breeze podcast.

今日のトピックは ニューヨークの猫 です。最近施行された猫を守る新しい法律についてお話します。猫カフェやボデガキャットについてもお話します。

come into effect  施行される、有効になる  all that and more   さまざまな話題を伝える時によく使われる表現 =“We are going to talk about X and other things, too.”


A New Law to Protect Claws かぎづめを守る新しい法律

New York became the first state in America to ban the declawing of cats. The news headline ran: “Governor *paws declaw bill into action.” Honestly, I didn’t know this was *an issue — I always assumed it was cruel, unnecessary, and a rare occurrence. After hearing that our state passed this into law, it made me happy that legislators are giving attention to animal welfare. Unless it’s medically necessary to declaw your cat, violations of the new law will carry a fine of $1,00

*paw –1. (犬・猫などのつめのある動物の)足 2.手荒く扱う(to touch or handle, usually clumsily or roughly)

claw (鳥獣の)かぎづめ(のある足)

declaw 〔猫などの〕爪を除去する  —-猫の爪切除では、前足の指の先端部分にある骨の一部などが取り除かれる。

issue    議論すべき問題、論点  bill  法案、議案 assume  当然のことと決めてかかる  legislator  法律制定者,立法者  welfare  福利、幸福     violation  (法律の)違反     fine  罰金

ニューヨークは全米で初となる猫の爪の除去手術を禁止する州になりました。ニュースの見出しは「州知事なんとか かぎづめ法案を通す」でした。正直言って、私はこれが議論の的となることだとは思っていませんでした。残酷、する必要のない、まれな事例であると思いこんでいたのです。ニューヨーク州がこの法案を通過させたと聞き、法案を制定した人達は動物の幸福ということに人々の関心をむけたことでうれしく思いました *医学的理由がないのに猫の爪除去を行なった場合、$1,000の罰金が科せられることになります。


Quick Question: What do you think about declawing cats? When would it be necessary to remove the claws from a house cat? If ever?

Bodega cats

Bodega” is Spanish for “warehouse.” Bodega is used interchangeably with other terms like ‘deli’ or ‘corner store’. A bodega is another word for ‘convenience store’. But there’s more to it than that. Originally associated with the Spanish-speaking communities of New York, the word bodega has come to be used outside Hispanic communities.

倉庫、卸売り店   deli  惣菜屋   corner shop  (街角の)小さな商店  interchangeably   言い換え可能で  ほとんど同じ意味で    There’s more to it than that.  もっとそれには意味がある。

「ボデガ」は 倉庫、卸売り店を表すスペイン語で総菜屋や街角の小さな店とほぼ同じ意味でも使われています。コンビニを表す言葉でもあります。それにはもっと意味があるのです。元々はニューヨークのスペイン語を話すコミュニティーの言葉でしたが、ヒスパニック・コミュニティー以外でも使われるようになっています。

When trying to describe a bodega and explain what makes it different, there are a few things… Bodegas often have slightly dusty groceries, their business is driven by locals, and it’s normal for repeat customers to come inside not to buy anything, just to hang out. The proprietor is often behind the register. Most importantly you should not be surprised to find a cat or a family cats that reside in the store.There are entire tumblr pages dedicated to this. Check out https://bodegacats.tumblr.com for example.     grocery   食料雑貨店   groceries (主に米)食料雑貨品  proprietor   所有者、経営者     reside 住む



Are you a cat person or a dog person?

New York Breeze listeners: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or both — an animal lover? If you’re a “cat person” then the following list of cat cafes will get you excited. Owning a dog is by nature a social experience, because you need to walk them. Owning a cat is by nature a philosophical experience — Cats are cats, and we cannot control everything they do. A cat navigates and will often control your home environment. They also provide a super important service: mouse catcher or rat abater. I think having a cat and a dog are great for the home. It’s just a matter of how much space and time you can afford them.       abate   除去する   

あなたはイヌ派それともネコ派ですか。それとも両方を支持するる動物好きですか。もし、ネコ なら、次に挙げるねこカフェのリストにわくわくするのでは。犬を飼うのは本来社会的経験です。散歩をさせなければなりません。ネコを飼うことは哲学的経験です。ねこはねこであって、私たちが彼らの行動を支配することはできないのです。ネコは思いのままに行動し、あなたの家の環境を支配します。また、非常に重要な奉仕活動をしてくれます。つまり、ネズミを捕らえ、除去してくれるのです。家で犬や猫を飼うのは良いことなのですが、問題は時間や場所に余裕があるかです。

Food for thought: And just consider this: cats have super powers. Can you name some?

food for thought  思考力を養う質問

Cat Cafes in New York City

Just like in Japan, Cat Cafes are a thing in New York City, too. Cat people can unwind by renting time to relax with some felines at any one of these cat cafes: Meow Parlor, Koneko Cafe, and Brooklyn Cat Cafe.

Cat Cafes require reservations and cost about $20 an hour to spend time with a cat. A reservation guarantees time to interact with a cat, destress and enjoy the purr of a happy cat.

Koneko means “kitten” in Japanese. Koneko Cafe in Manhattan has Japanese-inspired events like sake tastings and Japanese cooking classes, and Karaoke but not just any ordinary karaoke. They host Drag Queen Karaoke battles.

be a thing =exist   (When we say that something “is a thing,” it signals to the listener that something has meaning or is not made up. ) 

unwind  (人)の緊張をほぐす[リラックスさせる]  feline  猫、猫の



These cat cafes function as a relaxing cafe space and an animal rescue operation. They offer adoption services, and that way they help connect people with cats for just a short visit or for a lifetime.


The Brooklyn Cat Cafe, located between the neighborhoods of Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, is run and operated by volunteers of the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition. I put in the link to something that attracted the news media to their operation — I’ll leave it at the end of the show notes for you to explore. Check it out and I hope you visit a cat cafe the next time you’re in NYC. If you do make it to one of these cat cafes, send us a message and tell us about your experience.    coalition 連合、連立体制


    LINKShttps://www.meowparlour.com BROOKLYN CAT CAFE HAS A UNIQUE KIND OF NANNY FOR ITS KITTENS https://youtu.be/PAs_-zXvpYo?t=165 (OMG! Rats work as nannies at this cat cafe in Brooklyn. Start from [2:45] to see the cats being raised by rats.) https://iheartcats.com/10-cat-superpowers/
https://www.animalbliss.com/cats-have-10-super-powers/NEWS SNIPPETSThe Empire State has become the first in the nation to make declawing cats illegal.  https://youtu.be/PAs_-zXvpYo?t=165

How to Interact with Cats

“Amazingly, the cafe uses rats as kitten caretakers. Although the species are usually enemies in the wild, the rats’ natural instincts turn decidedly maternal in this safe and protective environment. According to a story that first appeared on the Huffington Post, BBAWC executive director Anne Levin says the rats spend time with and help out new arrival kittens who are usually orphaned (called the “bottle babies”) and too young for vaccinations, thus necessitating their separation from other cats.”


“Declawing is a cruel and painful procedure that can create physical and behavioral problems for helpless animals, and today it stops,” New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo said.


Cat Super Powers:



Bodega Cats  Be careful when picking up a cat.

Do not pull on any cat’s tail or any part of its body.

Please do not yell or scream at a cat.

Do not chase a cat.

If a cat is hiding, let it hide.

If a cat is sleeping, let it sleep. You may gently pet a sleeping cat, but you may not try to wake them up.

If a cat is eating, let it eat. Do not give human food/drink to a cat.Other words for cats:  whiskers, tail, big eyesCat sounds:  speed, elasticity jump, night vision, super hearingadoptdestress


reserve, make a reservation   interact    Cat super powers:

meow, hiss, purr    Cat features and characteristics:   feline, puss (in boots), pussycat