Episode 28ニューヨークの停電と電力会社 復習・シャドーイング編 Part 3

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WHAT THE GOVERNOR SAID  州知事の言葉  * Maribethさんの言葉はオレンジ色で表記してあります。*シャドーイング練習の部分はピンクで表記してあります。

Because New York City’s power company ConEd reports to state regulators, and the Mayor was out of town that weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo flew into the city. The governor had this to say:   電力会社コンエドは州の監視員に報告をするし、市長はを街を離れていたので、州知事のアンドリュー・クオモが駆けつけこのように言いました。

“It’s good news that we heard from ConEd.  良い知らせです。コンエドから連絡がありました。

*ConEd  —- Consolidated Edison    ニューヨーク州でガス・電力・熱供給事業を行っている。

Um. I just, uh, flew over the city, and the …Most of the lights are back on — that’s clear. It’s clear that not all of the lights are back on. There are a lot of traffic signals that are out. Uh. Still the roads are chaotic. So, uh, we would not encourage New Yorkers to go out if you don’t have to go out. Let all the power get back on. Let’s stabilize the situation.” Because, it is, It is chaotic now, uhh, on the West Side, certainly.

if you wanted someone to give you a compliment on your appearance and you asked how you looked. Much to your chagrin they said you look tired! (not quite the outcome you expected!) – hopefully that makes it clear.  

上空から見たところでは、ほとんどの灯りが復旧しています。確かです。すべての灯りというわけではないのは確かです。多くの信号が機能せず、道路はカオス状態です。みなさんには外出することをお勧めしません、用事がないのなら。すべての電気を復旧するのを待ちましょう。今はカオス状態ですから、ウエストサイドは。 be back on         再開している、復旧している  encourage O to ~ Oに~するよう後押しする


And he had words of praise for the city’s emergency response:

Uhh. I want to commend all the emergency workers, uhh, who did a fantastic job.”

words of praise  ほめ言葉  * compliment は身に着けているものに使われることが多く、「お世辞」の意味もある。  commend =praise  褒める、称賛する  You did a fantastic job.  You did a great job.  You did a good job.  すばらしい仕事をしてくれました。

if you wanted someone to give you a compliment on your appearance and you asked how you looked. Much to your chagrin they said you look tired! 


♪ I want to commend all the emergency workers, uhh, who did a fantastic job. ♪

Thought question: How would you rate the governor’s response? 州知事の対応をどう評価する?

♪ How would you rate the governor’s response? ♪

The political situation with Governor Cuomo has gotten VERY complicated the last few weeks since he is embroiled in a scandal that he made sexual advances to female subordinates. Now this has colored everything differently. They are actively seeking to impeach him. The Mayor, the senators and even President Biden have voiced their belief that he should lose his job. There is also a scandal accusing him of covering up the amount of Covid deaths in nursing homes. So although everyone loved Cuomo this time last year and thought he was doing a great job now his entire political career is kind of tarnished.  

be embroiled in ~ ~に巻き込まれている

impeach — 弾劾する、告発する ( to formally accuse a public official of a serious crime relating to their job )

accuse —- ( to say that someone has done something morally wrong, illegal, or unkind  )    accuse O of  ~ Oを~のことで告発する

tarnish  〔名声・名誉・評判などを〕汚す、傷つける

But he could still emerge from this, and can be a candidate for president one day.  It will remain to be seen.

That said, New Yorkers still regard him favorably and they do largely believe that he handled the pandemic very well. 

It remains to be seen. それはまだわからない。

favorably  好意を持って、好意的に

The relationship with the Mayor of New York City and the Governor has always been complicated and problematic. New York is a small city with 8 million people and a lot of problems- homelessness, drugs, the traffic/transit system, violent crime, housing prices, racial issues (black lives matter vs blue lives matter). The specific problem with DeBlasio is he lacks charisma. It seems like he doesn’t care about us. He has an antagonistic relationship with the press and by supporting Black Lives Matter (which is great!) this makes the Blue LIves Matter (the police -which are huge) dislike him and not supportive of him, his policies or anything he does. It’s very important in a city like New York to have the police support the mayor. 

antagonistic  反対の,敵対する

”Blue Lives Matter” 「警察官の命も大切だ」

As a New Yorker, I really don’t know much about DeBlasio- which is part of the problem.  He has stuck to all his campaign issues and his promises and,  but he just doesn’t seem to care about us. We know nothing about him and he knows nothing about us. 

Now DeBlasio’s  term is ending and  will be voting for a new Mayor on June 22nd. Along with 14 other candidates is Andew Yang.  Now Andrew Yang is not expected to do well because majority of Yew Yorkers, I might say, all of us hate him.  We know him for running for president, but he doesn’t live here, moved here recently, but he didn’t grow up here.

I might say/add   —— used to emphasize what you are saying