Episode 6 ニューヨークのグリーンルーフ(屋上緑化)( Rooftops of New York:Greenroofs)



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Welcome to Episode No. 6 of The New York Breeze. My cohost in Japan is Shoko. This is a podcast where we share stories and insights about life in New York City. Shoko will be translating and parsing this for our listeners in Japanese. Today’s episode is part one of a three-part series about the rooftops of New York.


An aerial view of most cities shows an endless sea of asphalt and black tar rooftops with cell towers, enormous water tanks, and your occasional helipad. Green rooftops are finally becoming better understood by city planners, homeowners, and businesses in America.



And since the early 2000s, New York City’s rooftops have been under transformation. In Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan, now you can come up and enjoy rooftop films, rooftop pools, rooftop gardens and farms!  Yes, I said, “farms.” So stick with me and check it out.


2. The benefits of a green roof グリーンルーフの恩恵

I’m going to give you the 411 on where to find some great rooftops, but before that let me give you an overview of why greenroofs are so amazing.
411  =情報(411は市が設けている”質問ライン”の番号で、それから派生して 情報 info という意味で使われます。)


According to the Institute of Sustainable Design at Cooper Union, a leading art, architecture and engineering school on the Lower East Side, the benefits of building a green roof are many. Let me break it down for you…

“Let me break it down for you.” 「詳しく言うと」「正確に言うと」←それを分かりやすく具体的に説明させてください。

ロウアーイーストサイドにある一流の芸術、建築、工学技術の学校であるInstitute of Sustainable Design at Cooper Union によれば、グリーンルーフをつくる利点はたくさんあります。具体的に言います。

☆The green roof cuts heating and cooling costs, although that is difficult to measure and varies with each building.

☆The plants absorb and filter storm water; 植物は嵐の水を吸収し、ろ過する働きをする
☆Absorb rather than reflect heat from the sun, and are a habitat for pollinating insects.

☆Greenroofs last longer than conventional roofs, from 50 to 70 years.

☆They reduce energy costs with natural insulation.

☆Create peaceful retreats  (Hey, less stress is always a good thing!)

On a wider scale, greenroofs improve air quality and help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect, a condition in which city and suburban developments absorb and trap heat.
(Anyone who has walked across a scalding parking lot on a hot, summer day has felt one effect of an Urban Heat Island!)

On a wider scale  より広い規模で

広範囲にわたり、グリーンルーフは大気の質を改善し、都会のヒートアイランド現象—を緩和する。(夏の暑い日に灼熱の駐車場を歩いたことがある人なら、どんなものかわかるでしょう。)[Source: Cooper-Hewitt https://cooper.edu/isd/projects/green-nyc/green-roofs]

3. Where to find greenroofs in the city  街のどこでグリーンルーフがみられるか。

Here’s a shortlist of some amazing greenroofs and farms that you can find in NYC right now.  Some of these were built over ten years ago, but they seem almost futuristic given the profoundly gritty urban landscape that you will find here in New York City.

shortlist  1. 最終選抜候補者名簿 、 注目すべきものとして頭の中にある人[もの]の名簿.

 shortlisted candidates shortlistは絞り込むという意味があるので「絞り込まれた候補者」

gritty   1. 砂の入った、リアリズムに徹した(空想的でロマンチックなものではなく、砂がまじったようなざらついた、現実的なという意味) 2. 勇気のある、気骨のある、意志の強い


Here we go:リストに移ります。

The Empire State Building
The Jacob Javits Center on the west side of Manhattan where they host car shows and mega-conventions
The rooftop at Rockefeller Center
BAM: the 150-year old Brooklyn Academy of Music
PS 41, a public school in Greenwich Village
The Bronx County Courthouse
The Waldorf Astoria, which has a rooftop garden but also an apiary for honeybees.

apiary  (ミツバチの)養蜂場

They all have greenroofs.  Then when it comes to urban farming we have Brooklyn Grange with its two locations in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and on Northern Boulevard in Long Island City; and Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.










4. Taking it to the next level: rooftop farming in New York City 更なる段階へ:ニューヨークの屋上農園

Since 2009 the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint is an internationally acclaimed greenroof and commercially operated vegetable farm atop a three story warehouse in Brooklyn, New York.  Their tagline is: “Organic, local, harvested today,” and you can either visit during the growing season to get your veggies if you’re staying at an Air BnB in Williamsburg or Greenpoint. They also supply a lot of popular, award-winning restaurants in North Brooklyn. For more info, their website is: www.rooftopfarms.org

take it to the next level さらにレベルアップする

acclaim  称賛する (acclaimは批評家などが芸術作品や芸術家などを「称賛する」場合に使われることが多い表現です。)他に「称賛する」を意味する動詞は、praise,  applaud, admire,  hail,  commend,  rave  などがあります。

2009年以来グリーンポイントにある Eagle Street Rooftop Farm は国際的に評価されているグリーンルーフで、商業的に運営されています。ニューヨーク、ブルックリンの3階建ての倉庫の上にあります。タグラインは「有機農法により、その地域で、その日に収穫された」です。そして、Williamsburg か GreenpointのAir BnBを利用していて、野菜の生育期なら、野菜を採りに行くこともできます。ブルックリン北部の人気があり、賞をとっているレストランにも野菜を供給しています。より詳しい情報はwww.rooftopfarms.orgへ。


Brooklyn Grange has 2 acres of vegetables planted on the roofs of two buildings in the city. As I mentioned, they are in Long Island City on Northern Boulevard, and at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, a converted facility that used to manufacture ships, and now houses various businesses. Their farms produce vegetables likes tomatoes, leafy greens, and edibles according to organic standards. They also raise chickens for eggs. From May to October, you can visit their farmers market on the rooftop in Queens and shop for produce. They have open houses spring through fall, and offer special rooftop dinners, tour s and educational programs for a fee. Check them out at www.brooklyngrange.com

converted facility  改造された施設

edibles  (身体に害のない)食用品

according to  ~ standards   ~の基準に従って、~の規格に準じて

for a fee 有料で


Even though the food from a rooftop farm is grown in the city, the produce is weeks fresher than everything sold in grocery stores all across America. So it’s worth supporting these local businesses and better for your body, as far as I’m concerned.


5: An interesting bit of trivia. Some greenroofs get transplanted! 興味深いトリビア。移植されるグリーンルーフもある!

So, a portion of the green roof from the Battle Creek Police Department, in Battle Creek, Michigan… It was scheduled for demolition, and they had had a green roof. That, not too long ago, got moved to New York City. Workers removed about 4,500 square feet of plants and moss, and trucked them to New York. Then they were installed on a building for the New York City Parks Department.

demotition   解体、取り壊し、破壊、爆破

ミシガン州のバトルクリークにあるバトルクリーク警察署は取り壊される予定でした。グリーンルーフがあったのですがニューヨーク市に移されました。それほど前のことではありません。約4500平方フィートの植物やコケが取り去られ、ニューヨークに運ばれました。the New York City Parks Departmentの建物の上に設置されました。

The plants were pulled apart like sections of sod, rolled, placed on pallets and put on a tractor-trailer. What’s also fascinating is the plant and bio components of a greenroof can last for decades. That roof was first created in 2005. This green roof has a life expectancy of up to 70 years, well above that of a conventional roof!


[Source: Battle Creek Enquirer
https://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/story/news/2018/05/17/portion-bcpds-green-roof-relocated-new-york-city-building/620078002/  ]


While life in NYC usually means squeezing into tiny apartments, overcrowded subways, and dirty streets, some hard-working, visionary and entrepreneurial people have directed their sights above the fray and transformed our rooftops. Greenroofs capture unused space and transform the way we experience the city. It truly open our minds to what a skyline is.

ニューヨークの生活はたいてい狭いアパート、すし詰めの地下鉄、ゴミゴミした通りに押し込められていますが、一方では、勤勉で、先見の明があり、企業家[起業家]精神にあふれた人々は 視界を地上の小競り合いから上に移し、屋上を変えました。グリーンルーフは使われていない空間を活用し、私たちに新しいニューヨークを経験させてくれます。まさに私たちの心を地平線にまで広げてくれるのです。

the fray  争い,けんか

skyline   建築物や山などの輪郭線、地平線

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Episode #6 Green Roofs of NY VOCABULARY
Green roof the 411 Let me break it down for you. on a wider scale shortlist  urban gritty take it to the next level converted facility  改造された施設 edibles  (身体に害のない)食用品 according to  ~ standards   ~の基準に従って、~の規格に準じて for a fee 有料で for some money demolition   解体、取り壊し、破壊、爆破 the fray  争い,けんか skyline   建築物や山などの輪郭線、地平線 reduce energy consumption last a lifetime natural insulation