312 The Great Resignation Part 2 私は私のままで生きることにした

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The Great Resignation   Part 2

[ 前回 Part 1 の内容    ]  The “Great Resignation” is having a huge impact on workplaces in New York and across the country. Everyday the news has stories of people are walking out of jobs where they feel unappreciated and underpaid.   大量自主退職がNY、アメリカ全土の職場に多大な影響を与えている。毎日不当な評価、待遇に不満を持つ人の退職は後を絶たない。A few of the factors that are causing this. Here are five examples:5つの要因を挙げる。  1. Pandemic epiphanies: パンデミックによる悟り 2. Burnout 燃え尽き      3.  Commuting 通勤

[ Part 2 ]

4. Women: The group impacted the most from the disruption in the job market were women. Women had to consider factors such as ‘Is the wage that I’m being paid and the sacrifice in time worth what I’m missing with my children and in life?’ In early 2020, jobs that tend to be dominated by women, such as retail and other service jobs, cut workers aggressively amid stay-at-home orders. Now some employers are actively recruiting women to diversify their ranks. A year and a half into the pandemic, women in the workplace are increasingly assessing their career goals against a number of criteria, including job flexibility, salary and whether a workplace has a vaccine mandate.
disruption  混乱 * upheaval —a violent or sudden change or disruption to something      job market 就職戦線、求人市場 、《the ~》雇用状況   amid ~の最中に  stay-at-home order  自宅待機命令、外出禁止令   tend to ~しがちである   aggressively   攻撃的に、強引に   recruit   新規採用する、募集する   assess  検討評価する≒ evaluate           criteria (criterionの複数形)  判断基準     flexibility   柔軟性、融通性  whether  S  V  ~かどうか    vaccine mandate  ワクチン義務化   mandate—-an official order 


5. Better Salaries and benefits: One of the takeaways from the pandemic is newly empowered workers are no longer willing to work jobs where they aren’t compensated or have few benefits. It seems a lot of people used the time during lockdown to look at their jobs with a new sense of clarity and purpose. People were changing industries, starting their own businesses and dropping out of the workforce altogether.  takeaway  教訓、学んだこと、収穫、ポイント  key takeaway   覚えておくべき重要な点、重要ポイント          no longer ~ もはや~ない  be willing to ~嫌がらず~する  compensate 補償する   a sense of purpose    目的感、目的意識  clarity— 明瞭、明確 ←→ vagueness     cf. a sense of transparency  透明感

パンデミックにおいて覚えておいてほしい重要な点のひとつは  新たに力を与えられた労働者たちはもはや補償もなく利益もほとんどない仕事を好んですることはない ということです。多くの人がロックダウンの時期に自分の仕事を新しい明瞭で目的意識を持った目で見つめ直したようです。人々は業界を変えたり、自分でビジネスを始めたり、または仕事から完全に撤退したのです。

takeaway,  key takeaway の例文

One of the key takeaways from the pandemic is America has a failing health care system and the government isn’t willing to offer free care despite the obvious benefits.                                              *One of the key takeaways from the pandemic is the global supply chain disruptions won’t be easily fixed.              *The takeaway from the conference was how competitive the tourism industry has become.                    *The teacher gives us a printout of the key takeaways at the end of the class.                          *Our English professor likes to end each class by picking a student at random to summarize the key takeaways from the lecture for that day. 

How people are all resigning from jobs and still supporting themselves 職場を離れた人たちがどのように生計を立てているか 

 A lot of people have moved in with their parents. Even older people!                Some use GoFundMe, ( GoFundMe is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise money for events ranging from life events such as celebrations and graduations to challenging circumstances like accidents and illnesses ), bartering (exchanging services like haircuts for groceries), and living off the savings they accumulated during the lockdown.   for-profit 利益を上げることを目指した,営利目的の  ranging from ~ to ~ ~から~に渡る範囲の   challenging circumstances  困難を伴う状況 bartering 物々交換  accumulate  蓄積する     

GoFundMe       一般的なキャンペーンで集まる寄付は数千ドル程度で、ユーザーの友人や家族、地域のコミュニティが寄付を行うことが多いという。cf. インディーゴーゴー – Wikipedia    キックスターター

 *プラットフォームとは、ビジネス用語としては、物やサービスを利用する人と、提供者をつなぐ場のことである。IT用語としてのプラットフォームはソフトウェアが動作するための土台を指す。  *クラウドファンディング(crowdfunding)とは群衆(crowd)と資金調達(funding)を組み合わせた造語で、インターネットを通して自分の活動や夢を発信することで、想いに共感した人や活動を応援したいと思ってくれる人から資金を募るしくみです。