311 The Great Resignation 大量自主退職時代の到来 Part 1

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The Great Resignation

The “Great Resignation” is having a huge impact on workplaces in New York and across the country. Everyday the news has stories of people are walking out of jobs where they feel unappreciated and underpaid.   大量自主退職がNY、アメリカ全土の職場に多大な影響を与えている。毎日不当な評価、待遇に不満を持つ人の退職は後を絶たない。

A few of the factors that are causing this. Here are five examples:: この要因は以下のようである。5つの例を挙げる。

1. Pandemic epiphanies: パンデミックによる悟り

There’s something pragmatic behind the Great Resignation. The pandemic and the rise of remote work have changed the way we view our lives and the way we view the world. It’s motivating many workers to depart their jobs for greener pastures, in other words- a more promising situation than the one they currently have. After two years of dealing with profound loss and the realization that life is short have made many people look for work with more meaning and personal fulfillment. A lot of folks were able to take a step back during the lockdown and evaluate their situations regarding their wants and their needs.   currently 現在は  profound   深い fulfillment  達成、充足≒ achievement, accomplishment       greener pastures  より好都合な環境, より待遇の良い場所、新天地          regarding ~に関して(他に as to~  , as for~ , concerning~ , in terms of~)も使う  

epiphany〔本質・意味についての〕突然のひらめき、悟り    ・I’ve just had an epiphany. : 今突然ひらめいた。
《the Epiphany》御公現の祝日◆キリスト教の祭日。東方の三博士のベツレヘム来訪を祝う日で、Twelfth Dayともいう。

An epiphany is:
a sudden insight into reality or the essential meaning of something, often initiated by some simple, commonplace occurrence. Another way to understand it is: An epiphany is a realization that allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective.
The plural of epiphany is epiphanies.

epiphany を使った例文

EX 1.)
When listening to a self-help podcast, I suddenly had this epiphany about our universal need for financial freedom.

EX. 2) (NOTE)
Epiphany is used in a sentence to refer to the moment when you had a sudden realization.

Ex. 3)
I was talking to a friend, whom I haven’t heard from in years, and it made me have an epiphany about what it means to have the courage to break off an unhealthy relationship.

EX. 4)
My friend Katie had been toiling away the best years of her life at a fast food job going nowhere until the pandemic hit, and that’s when she had an epiphany about her choices in life.    toil away. あくせく働き続ける.


 2. Burnout: No other industry had a greater turnover than the service industry. Restaurant, delivery, and hospital workers all cited burnout as the main reason they couldn’t stay at their jobs. Employees were saying they couldn’t walk in and pretend like everything is going fine when nothing had been fine the entire time. People were no longer able to work jobs where the work was deemed dehumanizing or toxic. Spending their days where they were expected to smile, and make small talk with each other, now felt like exploitation. Feeling respected is considered as important as compensation to many people since Covid.

turnover  離職者率  deem≒consider,  regard as  思う、みなす

 3. Commuting: Many people found they were more productive and less stressed not having to commute into the office every day. A lot of jobs that seemed like they had to be performed on-site are now viewed with greater flexibility and people could spend more of their time with their families and loved ones.